Wednesday, January 25, 2006

No seriously...this is just for the opera?

A: um...have you been here?
J: hahaha
J: I had a dream about her last night
J: I dreamt she gave me a gift certificate for a full subscription to the 06-07 season
J: and a hug
J: because I was such a devoted fan
J: and because she got a discount
A: that is like the most sensible opera dream ever
A: ha
A: so, not sure what else you have scheduled for 2007, but there's this
A: pix of it are here
A: NYCOF is not amused
A: it appears there is an anne frank puppet show
J: um
J: tee hee
J: I wish we lived in Atlanta right now
J: The Tristan thing is sort of nuts
J: The Armory??
J: I mean really
A: yeah...I mean, it probably has better acoustics than Avery Fisher
J: well sure
A: I wonder how many people fit in there
A: is going to be like folding chairs?
J: yeah I mean...$225 or $500 for FOLDING chairs for 6 hours?
A: I guess its nice to know you live in a city where Wagner and video art can command that
A: maybe they aren't saying it's actually "The Tristan Project (with release)"
J: hah
J: Tristan and Isolde and a Hand Job
A: Ich Liebe dich longtime


Lisa Hirsch said...


I mean, I'd pay real money to see that cast and production, but JEEZ.

Anonymous said...

Back in the day (so I'm told by aging opera queens), you COULD get a handjob in the standing room of family circle during any opera.

Alex said...

M.C. mentions that should be "Mich Liebe Dich", and I suppose it should. For the record, I'm not actually a German speaker, I just play one on the internets.

Henry Holland said...

At the San Francisco Opera, during a performance of Don Giovanni, I had to pee really bad. So, I left my standing room spot in the balcony and went the men's room in the middle of the first act. I happened to glance at a handsome standee on the way to the loo.

Well, who should show up 30 seconds later, knocking on the stall but Handsome Standee. We tried to have a mid-Mozart quicky but it was too absurd, so we laughed and stopped.

To this day, I've not heard in the theatre the Leporello & Zerbinetta duet that's usually cut but was being done at that performance. *Sigh*

If you're on the West Coast sometime in 2007, the Tristan is being done at Disney Hall again.

Lisa Hirsch said...

My, Leporello and Zerbinetta - they would make such a great couple!

(I'll catch that Tristan, you bet.)

M. C- said...

what are you talking about, "back in the day"? just this season a kind gentleman in the SF Opera standing room made it quite clear that more than one gun might be going off during the first act of Forza...

("please, sir, not right now; can't you tell we finally have a good conductor on the podium?")