Wednesday, January 24, 2007


J: oh Jim Webb, what are you doing
A: ?
J: the Democratic Response
J: is a little dull and random
A: arg
A: they need to put that thing out of its misery
J: the response?
A: yes
A: every
A: single time
A: I didn't get to watch
A: anything awesome?
J: not at all
J: other than the general apathy of the audience
A: you know what is a weird word?
A: "Hillary"
J: HillaryHillaryHillaryHillary
A: it doesn't seem like a name at all
A: Could you close the window? I'm feeling hillary.
J: "you seem off tonight"
J: "yeah...I'm just a bit hillary, it's not a big deal"
A: see?
A: and it's a somewhat unnerving word, whatever it means
J: I think the whole Obama is hot thing is weird. I think he is a tad odd looking
A: ditto
A: I don't know where that came from
A: p.s. the subject of tomorrow's microeconomics class is simply "Entry"
J: hah
J: It would be nice to have a president with a massive cock
A: indeed...his cock may even be larger than Hillary's
J: I bet it is
J: you should try to join his gym
J: and do some recon
A: good point
A: he must work out around here somewhere
J: I would think so
A: the new television is alive
J: you have a new TV?
J: how is it?
A: fine
A: I need to get an antenna or something
A: it is fairly big
A: barack is doing a good job
J: oh I am watching a different network I think
J: he was on earlier
J: Pelosi was doing this weird crooked mouth thing that looked like she was chewing on something
A: that woman just doesnt look good on television
A: at least they don't let her respond anymore
J: yeah thank god
J: she always comes off as just this side of sane
A: like the worst fembot ever made
J: she's manufactured by the same company who made Laura Bush but is like meant for a really niche market
A: haha

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TomN said...

Don't know what you two were expecting from a SOTU response, but this one was really good. A whole lot better than the hour-long mess that preceeded it.