Friday, February 17, 2006

"I wanna be where the people are..."

A: I have been watching a nice Rusalka
A: I didn't realize it was like the Little Mermaid
J: it is?
J: are you at home?
A: no
A: watching this week
A: I'm not sure if it ends like the little mermaid yet
A: and they are "water nymphs" instead of mermaids
J: huh how funny
J: maybe you will hear from more grad schools today
A: and instead of "Kiss the Girl" we get "Jiz tyden dlis po boku"
J: hahah
A: "Part of your world" is (I think) this song called "Hastrmanku, taticku!"
J: that is so odd. I wonder if it is also based on the Hans Christian Andersen faerie Tale
A: looks like
A: (nice use of faerie)


Anonymous said...

Twilight is so much better than this crap! Get a hold on your life!

Lorlisle said...

Wow she is a little rude. But I do agree Twilight is wwwwaaaayyyyy better!

Go watch it....then read the books ok!

Anonymous said...

You better agree! It is the hottest movie of the year 2008 and you know it! Read the books! Those are the hotttttteeeeessstttt books every year!

Anonymous said...

And who said I was a girl!