Saturday, April 22, 2006

Million Dollar Tristan

J: man, T und I is so great
A: for serious
J: so, that Tristan Project thing
J: do they act it out?
J: or is it just singing with massive Bill Viola projections behind them
A: pretty much just singing with massive BV projections I think, but truth is people don't move around so much in it anyhow
J: right
J: and like
J: waity
J: oh I am so confused
A: ?
J: well it looks like in France it is actual staged opera
J: like it looks like there is "The Tristan Project" and like also a T and I production
A: hmm
A: I'm not sure
A: the pictures of the tristan project have been like a super minimal staged production with projections
J: right
A: oh man
A: I am watching
"million dollar baby" for the first time
A: I feel like it is about to get so, so upsetting
J: ohh
A: boxing is horrible
J: it is horrible
J: I have never watched that movie
A: oh holy jesus
A: clint eastwood sucks you in with his deceptively bad acting
A: and then it
A: all
A: goes
J: haha
A: to
A: hell
J: For the Paris Opéra premiere of this conceptual look at Wagner's work, director Peter Sellars decided to present Tristan und Isolde without the musical additions that maestro Salonen devised in Los Angeles. Hence, what premiered in Paris on April of 2005 is no longer "The Tristan Project," per se, but rather Wagner's opera, performed in one evening, as it has traditionally always been presented.
A: musical additions?
A: Tristan und Isolde (With Harmonica)
J: Tristan und Isolde with two pianos and percussion
A: haha
J: "Wagner would have been blown away"
A: "Look Waltraud, you need to be heard over two pianos and like a glockenspiel. So sing!!!"
J: so are there really not going to be tix cheaper than $275 for the complete Tristan Project? Jeez.
A: the fact that we're going to get a full T&I w/ Dvoigt an Hep B kind of makes me think f the Tristan project
J: yeah the TP would just be for the experience
A: tho Christine Brewer is said to be a thing
J: yes
A: wow
A: that is tough fucking movie
J: thanks KR
A: wait--did hilary swank win for that?
J: yes
A: oh good
A: that would be a bit of a crime against nature if she didn't
A: that woman's ability to inhabit masculine characters doomed to unspeakable tragedy is almost freaky
J: hah


alex said... guys make me laugh. marry me? both of you?

Henry Holland said...

Tristan und Isolde without the musical additions that maestro Salonen devised in Los Angeles

What that means is that they did one act and as a "curtain raiser", music influenced by T & I (so: basically everything after 1865). It was, I think, over the three nights: Debussy, Berg and excerpts from Saariaho's L'amour de Loin.

They're doing the 3 night thing but also a one-evening performance of the whole thing in 2007 at the Disney Hall.

Jonathan said...

A and I have discussed the issue at length and have decided yes, we will marry you.

As long as there is cake.