Monday, April 24, 2006

Tosca: An Addendum

An act of major negligence on my part.

I completely forgot to mention the surprise highlight of Saturday evening's Tosca Prima: Met premiere of bass-baritone Kyle Ketelsen. Mr. Ketelsen sang Angelotti; his is one of the richest, most focused bass-baritone voices I have heard in some time. And he is quite young! So who knows where this voice could go...

So keep your ears open in act one. I think he is certainly going to be one to watch. I haven't been excited about a new baritone (tho it's his "bass-y" qualities I find most compelling) in awhile.

So, bravo to Mr. Ketelsen--who is a graduate alum of the acclaimed school of music at Indiana University.

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Ronsart said...

I just can't enjoy Deborah Voigt's art anymore, not since she's had the gastric bypass surgery. It's all I can think of when I look at her. A person so coarse, she had to have her stomach closed off. Does anyone know what I mean?