Monday, April 17, 2006

"Sir, you do realize them da capo arias got a legal minimum, right?"

J: do you have any interest in Acis and Galatea Thursday?
J: I have tix if you want to is nice and short
A: i would be into that
J: sweet
J: it is under 2 hrs *including* intermission
A: whoa
A: nice
J: that is about the right amount of Handel for me
A: Obviously, you must be ok with that amount of Handel
J: right
J: I mean like Rodelinda may be too much Handel
A: yeah
A: I am a bit worried about that
A: esp if it like permanently associates Renaay with Too Much Handel
J: right
J: I mean there is no law that one cannot leave before it is over
A: this is true
A: it is not like one would be arrested
J: that would be awesome

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