Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Siegfried out to pasture?

A: huh
A: I wonder if that Handel is any good
J: huh indeed
A: I have only vague knowledge of the elektra people
J: the Fliegende Holla could be neat
J: tho one wonders:
J: wha' happened to Siegfried?
A: oh right
A: um
A: oops
A: did they run out of bandannas?
J: yeah I mean
J: perhaps they ran out of dyed macaroni
A: ha
A: Plastico is all "glue faster! Arriba!"
J: hahaha
J: Frrancesca! Where the Indians? Oh god.
A: haha
J: I bet they didn't have a Siegfried lined up
J: and time ran out
A: that's a good reason, I guess
A: whoa
A: scroll to the bottom of the news page
J: the scary portrait?
A: yeah
J: that is upsetting
A: oh man
A: I don't like that at all
J: Antoine Schneck is messed up
A: imagine having that in your house
J: hahah
J: in the bathroom perhaps
A: "these vases are from italy...and that's the disembodied head of placido domingo"
A: haha
A: like, on the back of the door facing the toilet
J: haha
J: maybe it talks
A: no button, it just says stuff once in a while
J: it looks like he's saying something
J: like
J: eeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhh
A: haha
A: totally
A: !
A: I need to close that tab now


alex said...

What's weirder is that as early as 2 years ago, a battalion of banners with the floating, disembodied head lined many of the streets leading to the Kennedy Center. It was discomfiting to say the least.

"No, Maestro Domingo, I am only here to see the ballet! Pieta! Stop. Looking. At. Me."

Clayton Koonce said...

It has been great seeing Domingo on the stage here (and we had a glimpse of his Otello last season in an excerpt), but that particular portrait is eerie. WNO subscribers received an offer in the mail to buy prints of it.