Wednesday, June 04, 2008


A: i'm finally watching the obama speech from yesterday
J: it's good
A: in what kind of universe does he not totally slaughter mccain in november
J: I know, it's so upsetting to think there's even a chane
J: chance
A: i mean
A: i understood about not voting for kerry
A: like, i understood that a lot of people just didn't totally get it yet
A: that it was somehow a little too early
J: right and Kerry was old and boring
J: so like, some peeps weren't motivated
A: right
J: I love how last night all the cable news except for fox bailed early on McCain's awful speech
A: like, i know you don't really spend your time on this stuff, which is fine, and the nightly news version of it just wasn't compelling enough
A: yeah
A: so gracious towards HRC
A: man
A: he is so classy
A: great boo for "Republicans"
A: I swear to god someone just shrieked "gross" when he said "John McCain"
J: really?!
J: haha

Monday, June 02, 2008


A: i want to see another live parsifal
J: man
J: me too
A: i could be ok waiting to see the outer acts, but that act II was awesome in person
A: it didn't seem to be anywhere next year
J: I'm checking Dresden
J: April '09 in Dresden if we get really desperate
A: birthday trip...
J: for serious
J: we are turning THIRTY after all
A: oh shit
A: i forgot about that
A: that might require crossing an ocean
J: oh and it's Klaus Florian Vogt as Parisfal
A: ooh
A: nice!
J: and Dalayman as Kundry
A: well let's keep that in mind
J: let's.
A: I got wasted in cancun for my 30th, what did you do?
J: hung out in Dresden. took in a music drama.
J: a gesamtkunstwerk. you know, the usual.
A: ha

Tony's soon...

J: check this video from the In the Heights recording session---future of broadway!
A: huh
A: i suppose the Marie's crew will have to learn to beatbox
J: haha