Monday, June 02, 2008


A: i want to see another live parsifal
J: man
J: me too
A: i could be ok waiting to see the outer acts, but that act II was awesome in person
A: it didn't seem to be anywhere next year
J: I'm checking Dresden
J: April '09 in Dresden if we get really desperate
A: birthday trip...
J: for serious
J: we are turning THIRTY after all
A: oh shit
A: i forgot about that
A: that might require crossing an ocean
J: oh and it's Klaus Florian Vogt as Parisfal
A: ooh
A: nice!
J: and Dalayman as Kundry
A: well let's keep that in mind
J: let's.
A: I got wasted in cancun for my 30th, what did you do?
J: hung out in Dresden. took in a music drama.
J: a gesamtkunstwerk. you know, the usual.
A: ha


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, boys.
THIRTY? Ah, youth...
I swear by Freia's Golden Apple Face Cream and Erda's Mud Baths.

E. Marty

Will said...

I heard KFV live at the MET in Lohengrin and it was absolutely gorgeous. The piano high soft entry on "Heil dir, Elsa" was one of the highlights of a performance that was in itself a highlight.

Guys, don't freak at turning 30. 30 is when it just starts to get really good. Happy Birthday!!

Alex said...

Ditto on K-Flo-Vo in that Lohengrin, Will. I really liked his Walther from the Bayreuth b-casts last year as well...

Anonymous said...

Looks like Dresden 2009 is the place to be! In honor of the Wellsungs, I think they will do a special performance of Parsifal, with a summary in IM-speak.

Kundry: I beheld Him and mocked - LOL.
Parsifal: For serious? That's some crazy shit.
Kundry: Tell me about it.
Amfortas: Dude, my wounds are weeping.
Guernemanz: I joined PETA, some guy on a street corner got me to sign something. They are relentless.
Klingsor: LOL my balls off!
Orchestra: Ab major arpeggios
Audience: 'bout time!

grand tier said...

I also attended Vogt's debut "Lohengrin." It was one of those nights... I have a recording from that night and have listened to it many times - it's as good as you remember. Mattila was also sensational. It's too bad they haven't invited Vogt back yet. But the Met does that. They'll probably ask him again when he's 70 to do the Altoum in "Turandot."

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