Wednesday, June 04, 2008


A: i'm finally watching the obama speech from yesterday
J: it's good
A: in what kind of universe does he not totally slaughter mccain in november
J: I know, it's so upsetting to think there's even a chane
J: chance
A: i mean
A: i understood about not voting for kerry
A: like, i understood that a lot of people just didn't totally get it yet
A: that it was somehow a little too early
J: right and Kerry was old and boring
J: so like, some peeps weren't motivated
A: right
J: I love how last night all the cable news except for fox bailed early on McCain's awful speech
A: like, i know you don't really spend your time on this stuff, which is fine, and the nightly news version of it just wasn't compelling enough
A: yeah
A: so gracious towards HRC
A: man
A: he is so classy
A: great boo for "Republicans"
A: I swear to god someone just shrieked "gross" when he said "John McCain"
J: really?!
J: haha


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that the American public is falling for the lies and misdirection of Obama. His preachers, his campaign mangers, his contributors...all corrupt, racist, and convicted. What does everyone think he will be like once in office?

Alex said...

OK. There must be some misunderstanding here. You do realize that he got SCARLETT JOHANSSON to be in his music video, right?

Saint Russell said...

Fortunately, they put some old-timers in that video so that old-timers like me would recognize them. "Hey, that's Kareem! Uh.. uh.. and there's Herbie Hancock!"

Marc Geelhoed said...

I agree w/ anonymous that Obama's campaign mangers are corrupt, racist, and convicted. One was held on charges of serving hay w/o a license just this week. Did you read about it in the papers? Noooooooo.

Mberenis said...

mccain is a doosh. see it here RSS

Anonymous said...

Well, Hollywood people?! To Hollywood people, you can be anything except a republican. Are we supposed to believe them? That's sadder than I have thought. I guess substance means nothing these days even in the opera world. Let's vote for someone who can "speak". Well, I'd rather vote for someone who can sing a decent aria!