Saturday, November 12, 2005

Adieu, Notre Petite Comforter

A: nice
J: which?
A: sieglinde
A: also your figaro post
A: so you weren't as taken with it as Cosi?
J: no
J: tho
J: the production is great
A: def
J: and Wing Chang Gong was outstanding
J: and Joyce DiDonato was wonderful
J: like, the perfect Cherubino
A: dope
J: it'll be fun to see her in R&J
A: as far as the staging, did you feel it was more like conventional not actually funny Mozart staging?
J: yes but it was smart in that it essentially shrinks the stage to make more sense in relation to the scope of the opera
A: indeed
J: and it was very sweet
J: and Luca P has like crazy energy
A: nice
J: man that act III aria for the countess is off the hook
J: so lovely
A: word
A: PS, cat is doing some serious mid-afternoon humping
A: I think he has sexual problems
J: but he hath not balls!
A: well, that probably doesn't help
A: he needs some kind of "Being Sexually Healthy..Without Balls!" book
J: haha
J: "Cat Edition"
A: haha
A:: maybe its a phase
A: its like the cat version of getting addicted to porno for a while
J: haha totally
J: or opera
A: opera for cats: making sweet love to my comforter
J: hahah
J: Adieu, Notre Petite Comforter
A: hehe
A: If I were des Grieux in a rehearsal, I would totally throw in "that we have been doing it on"
J: hahaha
J: but en Francais
J: R&J?
A: if I do it, i might have to bail on choir
J: even better!
A: ok
A: I'm down
J: sweet. I think we will be glad
J: I already have tix so we're good. My treat considering the peer pressure
A: you are sweet
J: you'll like DiDonato...ok time for Math/Gym
A: Adieu, le table sur que nous avons faire du sexe
A: fait du sexe is the closest I can get to "do it"
J: hahaha
J: "do the sex?"
A: "make the sex"


Chalkenteros said...

"ok time for Math/Gym ..."

uh, how old are you guys?

Alex said...

it's true...both the GRE and living in Chelsea (our respective torments) are terribly infantilizing.

Jonathan said...

hah! I didn't even think about that. To spoil the mystery, we are 26 and 26.

Chalkenteros said...

LOL ... that makes much more sense. Last time I heard "math" and "gym" together in the same sentence I think I was in 9th grade.

GRE's suck. So you're planning to go to grad school for ... ?

Alex said...

an MPA, but we shall see...

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