Tuesday, November 29, 2005

May the Yuletide be Alternately Joyful and Severely Depressed!

A: are you going to write about La Boheme?
J: nah
J: it was such a non event
J: Ruth Ann Swenson had some lovely moments
J: but otherwise it was boring
A: understood
J: There was one very adorable thing where this little boy was leading the parade at the end of act 2--and he was like TINY
J: like maybe 3
A: ha
J: and he kept stumbling down the stairs
J: but never stopped waving the French flag
A: haha
J: and the adult choristers kept picking him up
J: it was very sweet
J: the Rodolfo was boring, the Marcello was boring...Musetta....boring
J: Ruth-dawg was sort of all it had going for it
A: (PS, bluegrass station currently playing banjo rendition of god rest you merry gentleman)
J: haha
J: I bet that is pretty
A: it really is
A: oh...verse two is fiddle
J: that is one my my favorite Christmas Carols
A: word
J: when I used to dress up in Dickensian costume and sing with that group I always liked that
A: haha
J: also O Come O Come Emmanuel
J: I find very haunting
A: um...I knew about the P-Groove caroling, but I didn't know about the Dickensian costuming
J: oh yes
J: I will find some pictures
J: "The Joyful Tidings Caroling Company"
A: yeah, I think you really need to do that
A: haha
J: our fearless leader Janice had a snow queen costume
A: Is that Dickensian?
J: also
J: she had bipolar disorder


Karen said...

as a another member of the "Joyful Tidings Caroling Company" as well as its alternate instrumental ensemble, "Music Box Trio," I feel that a comment is in order. I too, dressed up in Dickensian costume over many holiday seasons, and sang my little alto heart out, or when needed, played clarinet parts on my viola in the trio. It was totally insane. Especially since Janice didn't believe me when I told her (in advance of one of our more high-profile gigs at the Monterey Museum of Art) that clarinet parts needed to be transposed if she wanted me to play in the same key as the rest of the group. This became loudly and clearly apparent to all involved when we sounded so cacophonous (or caca-phonic?) that everyone stopped playing in the middle of our first song--possibly God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. But at least my floor-length bright-green dress had lots of flowers pinned to it.

Grrg said...
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Grrg said...

Jonathan, Karen! We can have a little Monterey Youth Orchestra reunion right here! I myself never donned Dickensian dress, but I do recall going with the my school choir to sing christmas carols in the waiting area of the Monterey Pennisula Airport. In the middle of the day. No one was there, but we sang the hell out of Riu Riu Chiu anyway.

Karen said...

greg! i will email you. i'm so glad you're on this blog... i believe you also have one. i'll check it out. i keep trying to get the other Karen H to tune in to this one. she briefly met jon last year. what a small world!

Anonymous said...

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