Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Reader CR writes...

J: hah my sister must be on because there is a on the "who's on"
A: haha
A: great
A: a special shout out to wellsung readers in the defense establishment
J: haha
J: totally
J: D.O.D. salutes the Metropolitan Opera
A: ha
A: maybe our fame will spread to State and Condi will notice
J: oh!
J: haha
J: that would be hilarious
J: if we see
J: we'll know
J: cut to us at Das Rheingold hangin with her
J: being like "well we have our differences you buck toothed bitch, but boy THIS is something we can rally around"
A: haha
A: What do you think of the a-cast for the DC Cosi? And why do you lie to the Senate so much?

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