Sunday, November 20, 2005


So, I am stuck in stupid Heathrow because my connecting flight was cancelled and I most likely will have to sit here until evening. Boo!

On a more positive note, I am LOVING this Norma recording with Joan Sutherland and Marilyn Horne that has been on the headphones for the last several hours. Sweet god is Joan Sutherland spectacular. Her voice drives me to distraction and makes me worry I am accidentally making weird faces at the British people.

Earlier, over the Atlantic, it was the opening of Solti's Gotterdammerung. That Birgit Nilsson gives some great dawn scene.

Update, 1100 GMT: Why are British people so confused by their hair? It's like an entire nation with the hair sense of Indiana. Ladies: 1) You can either have bangs or not have bangs. In-between choices are not acceptable. 2) Split ends aren't a problem, up to a point. Many of you are exceeding this point. 3) A ponytail is a convenience, it is not a strategy. 4) Explain to me why you think shag haircuts look good on anyone that wants one?


Chalkenteros said...

I am torn -- I adore Sutherland and really want to buy the Sutherland/Caballe/Pavarotti Norma, but I feel like I *should* buy one of the Callas Normas (but there too is a dilemma -- which one?!). And now you rave about the Sutherland/Horne Norma. Arrgh! A boy can't buy them all!

... or can he? ...

M. C- said...

are you kidding? how can you not?