Saturday, November 26, 2005

Back in Action

Whew. Turkey cooked and eaten--back home from a brief jaunt to visit my sister in DC (who gave us a sweet tour of the Pentagon...though due to the holiday, she wasn't able to fully deliver on the previoulsy promised throngs of Air Force boys in flight suits. Still, pretty damn neat.)

Alex returns from Prague tomorrow (Sunday) evening. And you have heard about as much from him as I have, so we can together wait anxiously for a report on Don Giovanni, Vienna(?), etc. Boy, we have to get our act together for the coming weeks. The definites so far:

An American Tragedy on 12/2
Manon Lescaut in Chicago on 12/3 (Karita!)
Rigoletto chez Met on 12/10.

Then in January we're looking at some Berg, a little Alfano, and a bit more Mozart...

And as promised, don't forget to check back here regularly as we lead up to the very exciting 12 DAYS OF BERG (Dec. 13th-24th) which will be our own little Wellsung-style commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the composer's death on Christmas Eve, 1935. It's going to be pretty sweet, so get ready.

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