Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Ticket Fetish: Confirmed

In response to the Sunday evening post: Show Me on the Ticket Where He Touched You, my mom sent me a nice email jogging my memory a bit regarding the culmination of several weeks of Jessye Norman ticket hiding:

"I was debating whether or not to respond. Dad and I are enjoying your banter. Have you touched your tix today?

I remember well the trip to San Francisco. The festivities began even before we left home with the aquarium housing three not necessarily prized, but well loved, goldfish ended up on the floor in Vanessa's room with fish flopping about in the nasty old green shag carpet. I believe Grandma Missy was going to babysit and she took care of it with the help of the three of you trying to gingerly pick up the fish all the while screaming that they were going to die. A delightful and relaxing start to the evening.

We were impressed and touched by the gift and the tickets were indeed in the nosebleed section of the old War Memorial Opera House. Jessye Norman sang so flat that it was difficult for even moi to handle it....and you know it has to be pretty flat for me to be bothered. We departed the concert and went to the newly opened Max's Opera Cafe where we heard some incredible singer/waiters singing arias from the Pearl Fishers. We returned home to find all sound asleep and the fish alive and well back in the aquarium."


Chalkenteros said...

you guys are adorable

Jonathan said...

Welcome to Wellsung. Flattery will get you everywhere.