Sunday, November 06, 2005

Planning Ahead: Awesome

J: I feel like we may need to go to the Romeo opening
A: for the good of our audience?
J: yes, I think only of them
A: with a great blog comes great responsibility
J: It's true
J: which is why I bought Rheingold tix
A: incorrigible!
J: haha
J: March 25th 7PM was the only weekend date that still had any affordable tix...and seemingly not many at that. SO I just decided to bite
J: and if you want to come we can road trip! If not, I am sure I can drag my sister.
A: You are going to like start buying tickets to productions you can't feasibly go to...just for the thrill of getting tickets in the mail from the Paris Opera
J: you know
J: it's almost that bad
A: I am all over the Rheingold though
A: that will be very fun
J: yeah it'll be awesome
J: mark your calendar!
J: and the seats are not awful
J: top balc (but they only have a parterre and two tiers) but second row not too far on the side
A: we can watch the 76 Bayreuth DVD at some point
J: oh awesome


Karen said...

hey guys, you HAVE GOT to see the Bayreuth Ring dvd... is it 1976? or 1980? i'm not sure, but it is incredible. from start to finish. production doesn't really seem to have aged, and the casting is incredible. imagine this: the rheinmaidens looks like salma hayeks, brunnhilde looks like kelly ripa, and wotan looks like victor kiriokis (jennifer aniston's dad from days of our lives) and just wait 'til you see the giants...

Alex said...

It is indeed awesome, despite certain objections to the socialist undertones (whatever). I've seen the Walkure and the Gotterdammerung (cue Gwyneth Jones making me weep openly) but not the Rheingold...we should do a viewing!