Wednesday, November 02, 2005


J: hah so
J: you sent me that Mp3 and my itunes placed it at random
J: and I listened to it again
J: and after it was done, "She's like the Wind" came on
A: haha
J: Just a fool to believe I am anything she needs...
J: Can't look in your're out of my lied
J: Lied
A: haha
A: In a way, that song is kind of Patrick Swayze's Preislied
J: it really is
A: I'm trying to figure out "No one puts baby in a corner" in Deutsch
J: Niemand setzt Baby in die Ecke
A: translated back you get "nobody inserts baby into a corner"
J: hahaha
A: which sounds gross
J: truly

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Chalkenteros said...

this morning, I was listening to Callas sing "ritorna vincitor" and then there was a beautiful segue into New Order ... that was good.