Thursday, November 10, 2005


J: so I wonder why Rigoletto is selling so crazy
A: I think because it is so awesome
J: oh really?
J: I really don't know it at all
A: I think it is considered the thinking man's Verdi blockbuster
A: Before the Wagner came along, I think I would have called it my favorite opera
J: interesting...well that Tuesday night is gonna totally sell out
A: I'll see if I can round up both halves of my set and hook it up
J: schweet
J: oh I just saw your IM about it being formerly your fav opera
J: wow
A: it is true
J: sweet now I am excited
J: and it'll be the season premiere with opera hot Netrebko and villazon
A: the story is completely devastating, but done in top form tight Verdi operatelling
A: and there are a few ensemble numbers that may just be the best of their sort ever written
J: wow
J: what is the recording you have?
A: this 80s all star thing with Pav, Leo Nucci, and June Anderson
A: BTW, a fun diversion is the arkiv music opera index page, where you can see what operas have been recorded the most
A: thunder
A: cat mildly concerned
J: yeah Andrew is so concerned he is licking his ass like there is no tomorrow
A: hahaha
J: ohh lightning
J: this is good thunder
A: it has been a while since thunder
J: interesting, Tosca has been recorded a lot more than Boheme
A: right?
A: granted, its far from definitive, but the question of what is in print is an interesting twist as well
J: and only 13 Gianni Schicchi's?
A: huh
J: yeah...
J: I want this
A: shiznit
J: hah
A: humping tonight
J: !
J: big thunder
A: cat: WTF?
J: heh
A: cleaning oneself with one's tongue seems so calming
J: well
J: you could try
J: and let me know
A: perhaps posting the pics at
J: hah
J: wait you made that up right?
A: yes
A: dear god I hope it doesn't click through to anything


Maury D'annato said...

Selling out quickly indeed. My thrice accursed opera accomplice is failing to call me back, and I'm faintly concerned about ticket availability.

Chalkenteros said...

OH NO!!!!! I was planning on attending this performance. I'd better scurry on over to the box office soon.

Jonathan said...

Yeah I ended up having to dish out for the Saturday 12/10...

If you don't mind Fam Circ, it looks like there is still a few of those for Tuesday 12/13...