Thursday, November 10, 2005

F the Police

J: $310 in parking tix today
A: holy shit
J: I brought the car down so fred could take it to pick up his gf
J: but this morn someone had hit me I think and the front license plate fell off
J: and I put it in the window
J: so at one point we were late for the meter
J: Fred was running up as she was giving the ticket
J: and she gave the meter ticket AND an incorrectly displayed license plate ticket
J: then later
J: the spot became No Parking altogether
J: which we didn't realize
J: and I got a NO STANDING ticket
J:: for $115
J: and ANOTHER mid-displayed license plate ticket
J: so four tickets
J: 65+65+65+115
A: christ jesus
J:: aka 13 opera tickets

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