Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Who doesn't?

A: PS, I am listening to some very nice Poulenc choral music
J: oh! what is it?
A: a compilation of secular choral suites...un soir de neige
A: figure humaine
A: chansons Francaises
A: petites voix
A: and sept chansons
A: are the names
A: (hilarious)
A: it would be so great to do these sometime
J: totally
J: I love Poulenc

Update: Listening! The very pretty last song in Figure Humaine (mp3) and Pilons L'Orge (mp3)...


M. C- said...


(totally fabulous)

M. C- said...

what a fine recording of figure humaine that is! thanks for sharing it. downloading pilons now...

Gregory said...

Welcome to the world! Looking forward to many more conversations.