Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Circ

J: I was thinking it would be funny to change the name of the Fam Circ
J: to the Circle de Faim
A: ha
A: good one
A: who the hell ever though of Family Circle in the first place?
J: seriously
J: like
J: I think they'd sell those seats more
J: if they called it 2nd Balcony
J: or upper balcony
J: something about family circle
A: besides, all the children I see there are in orchestra with their rich ass parents
J: that's a fine point
J: I mean
J: Po' People Pavillion?
A: "Single Guys and Cheap Tourists"
J: seriously tho who can we talk to about this?
J: I think "Upper Balcony" would be lovely
J: "Rear Balcony"
J: "The Sky"
A: haha
A: you are the guild member
J: good point
A: use your leverage


Maury D'annato said...

Family Circle makes me think I'm gonna run into Billy and Dolly up there.

Jonathan said...

EXACTLY. We have discussed calling it The Wizard of Id, or possibly PEANUTS.

Chalkenteros said...

sigh ... my pocketbook renders me incapable of buying better seats, but I so resent having to sit up there in the sky with all the bus tours, antsy teenagers on school trips, first timers, and people who generally couldn't care less. I know there are other guys out there who feel the same -- I've seen you: sitting or standing all by yourself, looking derisively at the fetid hoi polloi surrounding you.

I was at Aida Wednesday night. People were talking through the whole thing. A few cretins had snuck their $6.50 ham and brie sandwiches into the auditorium -- can a soprano compete with the persistent crinkle of cellophane?! And I think everyone up there around me had tuburculosis that night. I've never heard so much coughing. I felt like weeping.

Jonathan said...

Ouch. I am going to explore balcony boxes and will give you a full report. Who was singing when you saw AIDA?

I will admit I coughed through much of NYCO's Turandot last night--tho I don't know if it was Tuberculosis or all the fog they were using...JF

Chalkenteros said...

Hasmik Papian sang Aida -- quality dips into the chest voice! -- but to my mind Yvonne Naef's Amneris stole the show in Act IV. The condemnation scene was the most gripping part of the performance -- and the scenery wasn't even moving!

It was my first Aida. I checked my cynicism at the door along with my umbrella and allowed myself to be gobsmacked by all the pageantry.

I'd love to see it again with a more well-behaved audience.

Alex said...

I don't know why the circ has to be so tubercular either. Is it just because everyone is so old? Can people really not contain it even during quiet moments? Is it like some kind of wierd adult version of the coughing game everyone used to play in grade school assembly? Sometimes I think if I hear one more cough, I'll kill.