Thursday, November 17, 2005

Guilty Pleasures -or- Contact Your Travel Agent

So, I have decided I cannot wait until Fidelio in March or Lohengrin in April. I need me some Karita Mattila STAT!

So, I am getting on a plane (Southwest, no less..) and heading to Chicago, just for the evening of Dec. 3rd, to see the final performance of Manon Lescaut at the Chicago Lyric Opera.

I promised myself I'd cool it on the Puccini this year--because seriously folks, enough is enough. But what is a boy to do when faced with the likes of Mattila singing Manon Lescaut, Deborah Voigt in the Met's Tosca this Spring and Aprile Millo (read: Millo's cover) singing the final performance of the same opera? And Ruth Ann Swenson, who remains a personal favorite, is Boheme-ing it up at the Met the next couple of weeks...

I'll tell you what a boy does. Buys a cheap ticket and gets his ass in there to enjoy some f-ing Puccini.

Also on the traveling for opera front, Alex will be seeing a production of Don Giovanni next week at The Estates Theatre in Prague. Needless to say, he will not be flying Southwest. Beyond that, I will leave the fun of filling us in on that particular adventure to him. AFTER he completes the GRE, which the poor boy is taking precisely as I type this.

Truth is, we are both visiting family/friends and happen to be doing so in cities with attendance-worthy operatic events. Lucky us!


Chalkenteros said...

i am jealous.

i will have to wait until april for the Met's Tosca ... my first encounter with La Voigt!

Canadienne said...

Dude. I am seeing Manon/Karita tomorrow night and am so excited about it. Too bad you can't stay longer: Midsummer Marriage is totally weird and wonderful.

Enjoying your blog!

Jonathan said...

oh! let us all know how it is--and yes, midsummer marriage looks truly nuts and great.

Gregory said...

If we can be of any service to you, our humble diva pit is relatively warm.... Then again, there's always starbucks.

mezzogregory of Counter/Point 3.0, an hospitable chicagoan