Monday, November 14, 2005


A: Natalie dessay is out of the perf tonight!
J: what!!?
J: wow
J: I just saw on parterre
J: is ND someone we would have been excited about?
A: not actually sure, but seems like she is a lot of places, so it would have been nice to see
J: hmm
J: LOVE the drama!
A: for sure...
J: I wonder if she is sick or what
J: or if this dude is just some mean French conductor who keeps firing people
A: it like she would bail on the premiere of something just because she wasn't in top form? Or is it actually being unable to take the stage?
A: or a nasty frenchman
J: exactly
J: hah
A: which is often a synonym for illness
J: or "illness" is a euphemism for "fired by the frenchy"
J: This evening's production will now be titled "Romeo et Juliette or Au Revoir Everyone Who was Actually Cast"
A: ha
J: or "Romeo et Juliette or Natalie and Jossie Go to Rosa Mexicana"
A: hahaha

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