Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Perpetual anticipation is good for the soul but it's bad for the cat

A: It's Bryn Terfel's birthday!
A: so says WNYC
A: they are about to play his nozze di figaro
A: oh! It is John Eliot Gardner
J: oh!!
A: at 1
A: so corzine won
A: which is nice
J: that is nice
A: and Kaine in Virginia as well
J: yeah that is terrific
A: it makes one excited about 2006
A: methinks that could be a really shitty night for many republicans
J: let us pray
A: oh man
A: that would be so satisfying
A: the last two election nights have been such bummers
J: um
J: WHAT is this music on WNYC?
A: I know
J: hahaha
J: it is making the cat anxious
A: haha
A: we are being prepared to fully recieve the overture to nozze
J: in 45 mins?
A: fuck
A: I don't know...they said it was at one but that this would only be a "quarter hour"
A: the math doesn't work but I want it to stop
J: well there may be something else at 12:30
A: hm
A: 8 min to go
A: its funny
A: I am very into engaging with contemporary music live
A: but not so much recorded/on the radio
J: and not so much THIS
A: well yes
A: ach
J: it's like if you got me drunk and gave me a kazoo and a stick
A: hahhaha
A: sorry 20th century
A: wow...Bush is nearly a campaign liability in a state election now
A: that is pretty sweet
A: even better
J: excuse me? "In An Autumn Garden"?
J: More like "In a Wok With Zamfir"
A: better now
A: oh nice Hindemith
A: JCU did some choral piece of is supposed to be awesome
J: yeah When Lilacs Bloomed or something
A: ah right
A: need to look for that
A: uh
A: I want it to come on
J: haha
A: nice Samuel Barber
A: oooh
A: Saint Saens
J: I posted Bryn's bday
J: hahaha
J: peanut butter and jelly
A: excellent!
A: good one
A: it is coming!
A: oh fuck...I want it so bad
J: give it to me!
A: do iiiiit!
A: (nice link to the HS)
J: fuck me!!
J: oh!
J: I mean
J: sing!!
J: what is this "Tayrevul"
A: ?
J: the way the announcer says Terfel
A: meh
A: dumbass
A: I love that Vagabond CD
A: he does those beautiful Butterworth songs!
J: yes!
J: so wonderful
A: you know he died in WWI after burning most of his scores
J: and turning his beloved wife into a talking bottle of syrup.
A: this guy needs to shut the FU and play the CD
A: um...we know WTF happens
A: play it!!!!
J: haha
J: this is like when my Korean friend used to describe movies blow by blow
A: I hate it oh god stop and play the music
A: !!!!75862
J: what??
A: you're a dick turn it on
J: hah
J: we're all gonna pass away before he presses play
J: Barrrrtolo
A: it is on!!!!
J: oh I am streaming
J: so a few secs behind
A: bryn approaches
J: cinque!
J: dieci!
J: venti!
J: trenta!

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