Tuesday, November 01, 2005


J: also I assume you read the Tommasini Lucia review
A: meh to Tommassini
J: yeah
J: I mean
J: he's so like that
J: I hate it
J: like basically saying she's awesome
A: right
A: those kinds of reviews leave a bad taste in the mouth
J: yeah like WHY not just give it a good review
J: and then point out where it could improve
J: cause he basically said "a beautifully sung good production"
J: but somehow
J: it has to come off like a mediocre review
J: oh if we have an opera blog
A: yeah
A: bah
J: i think wellsung.blogspot.com
A: hahaha
A: that is great
A: wtf does "she seemed reticent to explore the psychological depths of this character" mean?
J: yeah like she's a freaking opera singer
J: I am sorry but
J: does Pavarotti really explore the psychological depths of his characters?
J: I mean many of the great singers are not like Meryl Streep actors
J: he sucks
A: because opera doesn't work like that!
J: seriously
A: what a 'tard
A: you know what would be genius...an opera blog composed largely of copied IM exchanges
J: yeah that would be awesome. maybe we shd start saving them
J: hmm. this Filianoti character is also doing L'Elisir d'Amore
J: which was the first thing my parents saw at the met years ago and thought was tres retard
A: hm
A: I don't know it
A: although it is the new opera at parterre
J: it's also Donizetti
J: yeah I saw that but have not listened
J: I figure
J: we are seeing Lucia
J: and
J: we'll see Don Pasquale since it's a new production premiere
A: so, not saying we have to do it, but since I have a blogger account and it takes like a second: http://wellsung.blogspot.com/
J: so perhaps rounding out the third Donizetti of the season is prudent
J: !!!!!!
J: whoa
J: this is dangerous
A: un peu

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