Monday, November 07, 2005


J: Whoa did you know Berg only lived to be 50?
J: oh and he died on Christmas eve 1935. NOT a Fröhliche Weinachten der Alban.
J: oh so that makes this December 24th the 79th anniversary of his death.
J: I mean 70th
A: haha
J: We should do something.
J: something...not totally tonal
A: Maybe a blog special called "A Very Berg Christams Eve"
A: "Rudolph is a Whore: Christmas with Alban Berg"
J:: hahah
J: we could do "The Twelve Days of Berg" and come up with something for each day
A: Ending with the anniversary of his early death...brilliant
J: "On the first day of Alban, my true love gave to me...a whore living in misery"


Nick said...

Maybe I'm stating the obvious, but can't the only gift worth giving or receiving on each of the Twelve Days of Berg be a single pitch of a tone row? Hallmark should do one of those musical cards: open to a holiday greeting and a tune more cacaphonous than my Mexican family's Christmas morning gathering full of the Season's Latest Illegitimate Infants.

M. C- said...

nick, i am sitting here giggling like a little schoolgirl.

"on the fourth day of christmas, hanna robettin-fuchs gave to me an a-sharp above the staff"

Maury D'annato said...

Oddly enough we used to refer to Anne Sofie von Otter's Christmas album as "An Alban Berg Christmas" because it was so bleak and angst-ridden.

Jonathan said...

That is delightful. I am glad we all seem to be in agreement regarding the "12 Days of Alban Berg" as a good holiday theme for the blog.