Thursday, November 03, 2005


J: how's your teeth
A: not so good
J: aw sorry
J: what's the matter
A: this crown I had done a few years ago on the tooth I broke when I was in middle school has some kind of infection
J: oh fuck
A: fuck indeed
A: they are going to go in *through the gum*
J: oh no!!
J: when?
A: monday
A: fuck!
A: I forgot I was going to see opera then
A: !!!
A: shit
A: hm
J: oh right
J: well
A: well, its at 4:30
J: could you go to the opera on the 10th?
J: I mean you're of course invited to Turandot but....if it was the only Lucia chance...
A: oh right...that's what I'll do
A: forgot there was another one
J: <;----problem solver
J: PS we have memorized the met schedule evidently
A: maybe it will take up the part where I have memorized the fact that people at my job suck
J: haha
J: I mean
J: even *I* have memorized that

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