Saturday, November 19, 2005

Wake up and Smell the Manon

J: oh no! did you hear that the bed in R&J will no longer float?
A: I know
A: i'm posting something soon
J: damn it
A: it fucking sucks
J: I am pissed! tho perhaps Dessay demanded it
A: that the bed break?
J: haha
J: no no
J: that because of the cable issue that it remain on the ground for the remainder of the run
A: right
A: I guess I would do the same
J: "Je demande that le cable snap and break le bed!"
A: I mean, it was so high
A: that is good french
J: well I did take those two hour lessons last year with that freaky grad student
A: that paid off a lot
J: I wonder if my neighbors mind that it is 2AM and I am blasting some cheap ass recording of Manon Lescaut
A: whatever
A: f their moms
J: yeah I don't complain when they play THEIR gay music (read: Madonna)
A: I maintain you are doing them a favor
J: well there certainly is plenty of Man on Manon action in this building, anyway


Henry Holland said...

Tommasini "strapping" watch (from a review of the Julliard production of Britten's great A Midsummer Nights Dream):

"The strapping bass Matt Boehler makes an endearingly bumbling Bottom"

Oh, I'm sure he does, Mr. T., I'm sure he does.

Chalkenteros said...

As soon as I read Tomassini's review on Friday afternoon, I wanted to log on here and post about another "strapping" sighting! I laughed out loud on the train.

I so love Britten -- I wish I could have seen this performance.

Jonathan said...

"The Strapping Bass Makes a Bumbling Bottom" sounds like a fortune one might receive in a chinese restaurant in Chelsea.

Anonymous said...

I think you fellas are at the lowest levels of vegetable life -- and if I might politely put it, are in my book, the Bottom dregs of literary smut, and how dare you even assume to know or do a critical review of anybody as high class as Matt Boehler. You don't deserve to even mention his name, his own kindness to folks that don't have any friends seem to apparently get him into trouble, I must remind him of this, and I'm thinking a little lawsuit would serve you well -- let me remember to reserve one for you gentlemen in the future, so if you're all so tuff, why don't you tell me your names so I can put it in my book?

Sincerely - A friend of Matt Boehler's, and a graduate of UC Berkeley School of Law.

Manoj Singal said...
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Manoj Singal said...
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Manoj Singal said...
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