Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Romeo Review Watch: The Truth Hurts


Here is the AP Review of the Met's new Romeo and Juliette, which was posted a couple of hours ago on the NY Times Website. It's remarkably accurate, though awfully restrained in its assessment of O'Flynn.

Update: And here is Tommasini's review, in which he says very little about anything.

Further Update: Using her powerful sleuthing capabilities, Sieglinde brilliantly decodes the Tommasini review!

Another one in: Variety reviewer Robert Hofler was having a better night than the rest of us.


Chalkenteros said...

yikes -- there is so little positive news about this production. perhaps i will see it when dessay has returned, but until then i will save my money.

you guys liked the "flying bed" (i guess it must be seen to be believed) -- but were there really giggles in the audience?

i did manage to purchase my ticket for the early-curtain rigoletto on dec 13. family circle. row j. :-(

i'll bring a white hankey to wave to you.

but just listening to sutherland's caro nome renews my excitement.

Jonathan said...

We will actually be at the Saturday Dec. 10th Rigoletto. Both are selling really well. I do love a packed house.

Henry Holland said...

Favorite bit from Sieglinde's deconstruction of AT's review:

"Oh they'll all be f*ed bigtime if Dessay doesn't do an Isolde-cum-Tosca-cum-Lulu on Thursday."

Ooooohhhh....I'd pay big money to see an opera that has an amoral woman who causes men to self-destruct sing a 40 minute love duet before jumping off the roof of a building to her messy death.

Why do I get the sinking feeling, as it were, that this is being filmed for future DVD release?