Tuesday, November 29, 2005

FYI, Die Meistersinger is not about incest

A: nice burn on Tommassini here
J: I can't believe how these Rigolettos are selling out
A: Prague photos here
J: yeah I read that--and love it, because he is a tool
A: for reals
A: I like the mention of a review where he said that Eva is Hans Sachs daughter in Die Meistersinger
J: I mean, what a memory
A: As the point of like the entire opera is that Sachs forgoes marrying her so that she can be with Walther
J: hah
A: It's like the kind of thing you would never forget if you listened to it once
J: right much less sit thru it
J: he's all "I forgot to turn my Met titles on"
A: hahaha
A: Has he been the opera critic since we've been here?
J: I am not sure
J: I think so
A: lame
A: what a funny thing it would be to open up the premiere newspaper in the country if not the world and read something actually interesting about opera
A: Perhaps now that they've purged Judy Miller they will clean house at the culture desk
J: whoa
J: I just read this random personal essay he wrote about a friend dying of AIDS
A: Tommasini?
J: yeah
J: more like musings
A: where?
J: here
J: is that a nuclear reactor?
A: yes
A: wow...that is very good
J: whoa
J: it is nice
A: doesn't necessarily make me retract my comments about his opera criticism, but certainly made me teary
J: agreed.
J: I was like "this is making me emotional. and his criticism is still crap"
A: check
A: the blurry statue is Janacek
J: oh cool
J: I like the graffiti
A: Brno...where that was, is Janacek's hometown
A: it's in this very snooty part of town, but during communism there was a John Lennon picutre on it, and it became this big anti-communist wall, so they let it stay
J: oh that is neat
A: the middle theatre is where we saw the Brno Philharmonic
A: which janacek started
J: I need to get into some Janacek
A: yeah...Jenufa is on the shortlist
J: hmm
J: maybe I will download from itunes
J: downloading now

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