Friday, January 06, 2006

New design

As it appears we're going to stay around for a bit, it seemed a modest redesign was in order. I may continue futzing with it for a bit, but I think this is the basic idea...comments about readability, etc., are welcome.


Anonymous said...

A reader has spoken: more pictures!

nice new interface, btw.

Nick said...

TIMES NEW ROMAN IS ILLEGAL. I FEEL LIKE I'M READING MY HIGH SCHOOL TERM THEM. Nevertheless, I'm awfully glad you'll be around for a while. I think things are just starting to get good in the opera blogging community.

Oh, and just a little word about the logo: It might be good to save it as a .gif instead of a .jpg. GIFs retain a higher edge sharpness, while JPGs are intended to have levels of compression and are intended for images with lots of colors, like photos. The JPG compression is the reason the logo looks a little blurry.


Jonathan said...

Thanks boys. We both do have awfully adorable cats we could post pictures of. Otherwise, it is time for me to get a stealthy camera phone a la Sieglinde.

Nick: how lovely to hear from you. I think I agree about the TNR...we will look into it.

Alex said...

Your point about TNR is under consideration. Sometimes I just get sick of fancier serif fonts.

Thanks for the tip on the logo...will do.

Maury D'annato said...

I'd do well to take a page from you guys on this one, but I'm sufficiently dopey about html and such that I'd probably burn my blog down trying.

Anonymous said...

Cool redesign. Question: why no NYCO Lysistrata under new operas? It's the HGO premiere production, with what looks like most of the Houston leads--and Pulley rocks.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Blog looks great! Now if only I could get MINE looking this good.

Jonathan said...

dear anonymous:
I did think about Lysistrata and am looking forward to seeing it this Spring.

I only didn't include it because it was at Houston last season. But good point--it is the HGO premiere production coming to NYCO, and it is still NEW for sure.

It shall be added to the list. Thanks for the feedback. -J