Saturday, January 14, 2006

Already thinking about next year...

J: I got this Makropulos case DVD
J: and Silja looks like she is *actually* the age of the character, which happens to be 375
A: ha
A: nice
A: that lisa hirsch has the SFO sched
A: a Tristan
A: your girl Joyce DiDonato in Rosenkavalier
A: Marius K-Fooz in Don Giovanni
A: and Ball that is Masked w/ Da Voigt
J: Joyce DiDo is great, despite her boring showing in R&J
J: she was magical in Figaro
A: her R&J part was like nonexistent in a POS production
J: speaking of that Figaro
J: hot Luca is in that Don Giovanni
A: ah, indeed...
A: some worthy items there
J: yeah some good stuff fo sure
J: Prince Orlofsky - Gerald Thompson
J: that is a mezzo role
J: counter tenor?
A: huh
A: I s'pose
J: the Orlosky from the other night is one of the SF Carmens--she was good
J: did you see DC's next season?
A: man...that's a good season!
A: dang it. There's kind of a wait before more opera comes.
A: I am jonesing
J: I know
J: neat season, right?
A: totally!
J: the director of Bluebeard/Schicchi is the director of The Exorcist!!
A: nuts
J: hah
A: I thought that sounded familiar
J: so are the NY companies the only ones that wait 1000 years to announce?
A: maybe so
A: which seems funny because they are always talking about how they book everything like 5 years in advance
A: at that level
J: right? weird
J: worst summary of Sophie's Choice ever:
J: Told through a series of flashbacks, Sophiefs Choice follows the story of Holocaust survivor Sophie and her important life choices, including her troubled love for Nathan and their friend Stingo and the decision of which of her two children must be doomed to the gas chamber.
A: hahaha
A: that's amazing
J: hahah
A: "Yeah, I have had some tough times...I mean my love life couldn't get any crazier! And that whole thing about dooming one of my children to the gas chamber."
J: Sophie, a Brooklyn resident, reflects on several pivotal moments in her life, including her rocky marriage and the time when she had to send her daughter to be murdered.


Lisa Hirsch said...

HOLY SHIT Wash Opera has a double bill of Bluebeard & Schicchi??!?!?!?!?!


Oh, wait. Ramey/Graves? Maybe not.

Lisa Hirsch said...

However, you guys need to come HERE for Tristan.

Henry Holland said...

That's the Bluebeard/Schicci that was done at Los Angeles Opera a few seasons ago. It's a good production of both operas but Ramey & Graves? Not such great singing from either of them.

Chicago has announced their season too. Highlight? Debra Voight in a fully staged Salome. Hmmmm......

I know this site is a hotbed of Renee Fleming love, so book your tickets to Los Angeles in September. Three performances only! Ra-nay, Rolando Villazón and Dmitri Hvorostovsky in La Traviata! Remember, three performances only!

The rest of the Los Angeles season is meh. Patti LaPone and Audra McDonald in Mahagonny? Um, body mikes anyone?

Lisa Hirsch said...

That Poppea cast is hot, though it's weird that Daniels is Ottone insteade of Nero. We don't get Flicka this coming season in SF.

Love Hansel, but am not so impressed with the cast - Luanna de Vol as Gertrude??

Henry Holland said...

Yeah, I love H&G too, and I'm sure that Graham Clark will camp it up like there's no tomorrow as the Witch but to me, H&G lives or dies on the merits of the conducting, so that might an opera I wait for reviews and word of mouth before deciding on whether to go or not.

LA Opera has made a big deal out of the increased number of performances but I mean, 12 Porgy's? 9 Merry Widows? That seems a bit much, esp. since Porgy was done about 5 years ago and it didn't exactly sell out. I wish they'd do more operas with less performances of each piece.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Graham Clark was the Witch when SFO did H&G here a few years back. He was pretty darned funny, though not really scary. I can't even begin to address the conducting question, having had way too many arguments with one friend over the merits of the famous HvK recording, which you could say he likes a lot more than I do. I'm an Eichhorn fan, myself.

Clayton Koonce said...

I renewed my WNO subscription almost as soon as I saw next season's operas. Someone remarked somewhere on the strange coupling of Bluebeard and Schicci, but I'm looking forward to them any way. Is it just a coincidence that both the WNO and nearby Baltimore have scheduled Czech operas in the same season? WNO is doing Janacek's Jenufa; Baltimore, Smetana's Bartered Bride. I believe that Baltimore has also secured Futral for The Siege of Corinth. (Something to look forward to? I've seen mixed reviews of Futral as a bel canto singer, but I will get to hear her soon in WNO's Elixir of Love this season.)