Thursday, January 12, 2006

CDU in '08

A: I really like that Angela Merkel
J: yeah she is neat
J: I hope she sits on El Presidente
A: from that article, it sounds like she is going to restore relations, but same diff
J: haha
J: right
A: I don't blame her
J: I mean
J: restore relations, but also with a wink to her people
J: which I appreciate
J: "Ja, this guy ist a tard, but we have to pretend to liebe him for a bit, OK?"
A: *link*
J: "For example, I regard Lufthansa’s innovation of playing disembarkation music as no improvement on my quality of life."
J: most genius quote of all time ever
J: ok she is amazing
J: that is a wonderful interview
J: she is the leader of a country!
J: I am moving to Germany.
A: I know!!!
A: It just boggles the mind to imagine what it would be like to live in a country not governed by a borderline illiterate
J: I know
J: jesus
J: god damn

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