Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Brother, Can You Spare some Rheingold?

A: whoa!!!
J: Fam Circ is $260 for the cycle
J: $65 per opera
J: that is only $23 more than their regular Sat night tix now
J: which is less of a gouge than I expected
A: seriously
J: I mean
J: Alex
A: that is very reasonable
J: what are we going to do??
A: I know
J: I mean
A: I need to think about it
A: our chances to see a full Ring cycle are like this
A: 2009 at the Met
A: or 2009 in Bayreuth
J: shit
J: or 2007 if we get our tickets right now
J: ok well 2nd question
J: if we did get them
A: maybe seattle, but considering they had Jane Eaglen on the last outing, they are not so trustworthy
J: ew
J: would it be better to do Cycle 2...so it is 4 days in a row, as it was intended?
J: it would mean leaving work at 5 three days in a row
J: I mean
J: it is in 2007
J: so like whatever
A: right...
A: I'll take the f'ing week off
A: the issue with 4 days
A: in a row is how they run the casts
J: oui?
J: ah
J: like the other cast will be less fatiugued?
A: like, they have to switch up the casts to do 4 days in a row
J: well I am thinking
J: if there are two casts
A: there's no way Brunnhilde can sing Gdammerung two days after Walkure
J: probably both cylces are split casts?
A: maybe
A: sometimes they do change Wotans for Siegfried
A: all tho they wouldn't necessarily have to in the first configuration
J: right but if not
J: then cast II would be singing four nights in a row
J: which is doubtful
A: at least, that's the sense I get for Western opera companies
J: unless there are three casts, which also makes no sense
J: hm
A: but these are Russians, so maybe they don't mind worn down voices by the end
J: Gergiev is all "do it"
A: haha
A: "In soviet union, we send Wotan to Gulag if he wusses out on third night"
J: haha
J: Cut to: Brunnhilde in the back of the bread line. The WAY back.
J: the fun thing about Cycle I
J: would be seeing the first night AND the last night
A: good point
A: oh right...option two is nestled in option 1
J: cozy!
J: I am guessing both cycles see both casts
A: we need more intelligence about how many Wotans are going to be involved in this thing
J: seriously
J: we shd call my sister
A: and if we actually know any of them
J: she's on the Eurasia desk
A: Awesome


Lisa Hirsch said...

Dammit, you guys have reminded me that in my stack of mail-to-be-dealt-with is the offering package for the Kirov Ring.

Maury D'annato said...

It's just so goddamn hard to gear yourself up psychologically to spend $260 on something you're not going to get to use for a year and a half.

Jonathan said...

See, my ticket fetish dangerously encourages such things.

Anonymous said...

I saw this Ring at the Bolshoi in May. They have two Siegfrieds, neither of whom is very good, and about five Wotans. They stole the set design from Disney's Pocahontas. At the time I was thrilled to go to a Ring but looking back I can't recommend it with enthusiasm.