Monday, January 30, 2006

Muchos Placidos

A: um...this is a lot of placido domingo
J: !
J: too much I daresay
A: right...obviously one must be ok with that amount of domingos
J: Domingi
A: Dominguses
J: haha
J: Domingois
A: ha
A: Domingons
J: haha
J: Domingonese
A: def. a german dialect only sung by spaniards whose voices are so purdy you don't give a shit
J: hah


Maury D'annato said...

The Bulgarian plural of Placido would be Placideta. If you were wondering. You were, right?

Lisa Hirsch said...

For some reason, EMC was blocking the all-Domingo all-the-time site. How weird. It's not like he's naked having sex or anything.

Jonathan said...

Lisa, thank you for that foul image so close to lunch time. Though, I am seeing Cyrano tonight and you know what they say about big noses...

Anonymous said...