Sunday, January 01, 2006

Not rockin'

J: WHOA Dick Clark is a MESS
A: he is so upsetting

A: like, who has the job of telling him he needs to hang it up?
J: The Grim Reaper
A: hahaha
A: there is really nothing "rockin" about a 90 year old stroke victim
J: or coherent even
J: like
J: Dick Clark's Totally Fucking Freaky New Year's Eve
A: haha
A: Dick Clark's Relentlessly Shudder Inducing New Year's Eve
J: hahah
A: They should bill next year's show "The Abyss of Time"
J: when he dies they should taxidermy him and prop him next to Ryan Seacrest and see if anyone writes a letter
A: haha


Clayton Koonce said...

Oh, you didn't watch that, did you? I didn't stay up quite that late, but Fritz Wunderlich was the last voice I heard in 2005--and we all wish he had lived much longer than he did. A Happy New Year to you gentlemen.

John said...

I'm with you on DC. Dude looked like out of a horror show. "I am the ghost of New Year's yet to come." But interesting TV, no?

Geriatric liberation, baby!