Thursday, January 12, 2006

Nay nay, René Pape

J: nicht opera hot
J: boy needs some eye cream
A: mercy
J: that O.H. photo of him on the Met website is really misleading
A: "It's cool if you want to consecrate the grail and everything, but I think I'm going to pass on dinner."
J: haha
J: "We can totally hang out, and like, diss on Kundry and talk about how awesome swans are and stuff friends, OK? Like...not like a date. Is that cool?"
A: haha
A: He's Just Not That Into You: Grail Knight Edition
J: hah
A: *20 visits to go*
J: "I mean....Gurnemanz is totally cool, but...I dunno, he sorta tells these kinda long, boring stories over and over...and like, he's really 'naturey' and I am just not that into that. I mean, I could never be a vegetarian"
J: woo! I thought it would be fun to do something for the 10,000th visitor
J: like, give them the old pair of Mazeppa tickets


Maury D'annato said...

I think I was 9,999. Story of my frickin'...
[I jest entirely.]

Jonathan said...

10,000 was a visitor from Paris, which we found entirely festive and champagne appropriate.