Friday, January 27, 2006


A: me and cat are listening to the salzburg concert
A: hah
A: I love this
J: haha
J: it's a princess!
A: cecilia is tearin it up
A: some of the WQXR announcers are there and announcing it like the superbowl or something
A: "Jeff, a lot of talk in the last week about Renee Fleming"
A: "That's right Bill"
J: haha
A: ha
A: great feet on that cat
J: love this site
A: thomas hampson is on now
A: I don't love him
J: no
J: he did a nice job the other night, but that is different
A: like, there's more going on with his real opera voice, but not enough
J: "gayla"
A: heh
J: oh I get to hear this a lot in the next days
A: seriously
J: was there anything really great?
A: on this?
J: yes
A: no
A: I mean, nice enough
J: so here is the question
J: since today is the actual geburtstag
J: will it chill after this?
A: I don't think so...maybe after February a little bit
A: I think it will stop being constantly on the radio
J: what a dumb finale
J: I mean
A: this guy is a tard
A: just in case you are totally Zberflted out after this weekend
A: I heard a great recording on WNYC last night
J: oh cool
J: which?
A: 1964 w/ Otto Klemperer
A: I think its considered kind of a standard...but for good reason
J: dazzling gold pants suit
A: Yeah...I hope there's a picture of that
A: she gives great google image
J: "Thomas Hampson is leading the parade of soloists"
A: haha
A: that was a new low in obvious commentary
J: and what exactly about the Salzburg love for him is "unspoken"??
J: I wonder if Renee and Cecilia hate each other now
A: They need to have a smackdown called "PBS Divas"
J: Kathleen Battle will officiate
J: whoa HvK has his own Platz?
A: that's something to work for
A: Ferrantelliplatz
J: that would be a particularly awesome platz


Anonymous said...

He also has his own street in Berlin

Opera Gal said...

ok, that is brilliant. PBS Divas, indeed.