Saturday, January 21, 2006

Pass the Zauberflote

J: the woman on this panel is funny if you imagine her as a fat lispy gay man
A: haha
A: totally
J: oh the Barbara Cook thing sounds like it was neat
J: :-(
J: Audra Macdonald did a few numbers
J: and Elaine Stritch
A: oh
A: nuts
A: did you go to bartok?
J: the sound quality on the broadcast is nice today
J: no I did not
J: I am excited to go to this
A: juntwait has been totally selling those puppets
J: I wonder if she is bummed that it's not Italian
J: she is all Zarrrrrrrastro
A: ha
J: um it is 61 degrees out
J: also, it is January 21st
A: yeah...I gotta get me some of that temp
J: it looks like it is about to pour
J: yeahh!
J: woo!
A: that was shweet
J: seriously
J: woo!
J: ok so that major famoso soprano aria from a few minutes ago is "The" Queen of the Night aria right?
A: then what is the one in the first act considered?
J: ok I dunno
J: but wait
J: that one from a few minutes ago is sung by said queen right?
A: yes
J: ok becuase my mom called after the act one one
A: it's like Queen of the night Aria (reprise)
J: oh are they the same?
A: not actually, but same general idea
J: this is nice
J: and I bet weird in this production
J: I like her voice--it gets a tad heavy here and there
A: that is Mary Dunleavy?
J: I think so
A: what is b. firttoli coming back for in the spring?
J: Luisa Miller
A: I see
A: w/ Alvarez too
A: I don't know anything about Luisa Miller
J: my dad says it has nice things
J: tho occasionally is a little early Verdi-tastic
A: ah
A: nice screaming nathan gunn
J: hah
A: where do you think he takes his shirt off in this one?
J: curtain call
A: ha
J: I wish we were going on Tuesday
A: so, the met rosenkavalier coming up is Susan Graham and Renee Fleming--which is kind of a funny lesbo couple
J: haha
J: we shd watch this rosen-K video I have
A: yes
A: neat
J: ohh
A: her 'troyens' looks cool
A: I don't think that's anywhere in the next few seasons
A: did a puppet just fall over?
J: haha
A: Nathan is now like entangled in a puppet, but still singing
A: these are making me more confident about the buffalo Rheingold
J: yes
J: she is cool
J: her Butterfly looks neat
J: lots of thunder in this production
A: I wonder if it is recorded or like that thunder machine they had for rigoletto
J: or like Meegan waving one of those flexible metallic thunder sound makers
A: ha
A: nuts...the warmth is going away tonight
A: after some rain
A: heh
A: "shed the cage like material they were wearing over their costumes"
A: read: NGunn's shirt
J: hah!


Anonymous said...

How old are you guys, like 15?

Jonathan said...

What are you, like afraid to expose your identity?


Anonymous said...

The first poster is a pussy.