Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Happy New Year, Nonetheless

A: hey
J: hi
A: that email was a nice juxtaposition re: the Miners, no?
J: you mean, the miners' (dreadful) situation here vs. the horrific mining conditions every day in Afghanistan? totally...
A: included under subject "Happy New Year!"
J: omg totally
A: It's like "Merry Christmas! You might enjoy these pix of a Cambodian brothel"
J: hahah
J: Wishing You and Yours a Very Joyous Holiday Season. Take a Look at These Pictures of the Thai Child Sex Trade. Warmly, Frank
A: haha
A: Hope your Hannukah is filled with peace and light. Also, see attached jpegs of the civil war in Congo. Mazeltov!
J: hahah
A: any how...
A: what is this about Rome?
J: well my sister is going to do some work at the embassy during the olympics
J: and I found a real cheap ticket
A: there's another olympics?
J: so I just went ahead and bought it
J: Torino, in February
A: ah right
A: That is f'n awesome
A: I assume you have reviewed your operatic options
J: slim
A: boo
J: Rigoletto
J: with Ramon Vargas
J: and some Italiani I do not know
A: been there on both counts
J: totally
J: I am little Rigoletto'd out this season
A: I hear dat
J: Did you see Maury D's none-too-pleased Lucia post?
A: no
J: He thought Filianoti was boring
J: and average
A: odd
A: that soprano sounds like a mess
J: Seriously
J: Wozzeck!
A: well, I think the tides are against him on G-Fil. I mean, despite maintaining their defense, I certainly understand why people might find Netrebazon mediocre. But tics and all, ain't no denying that G-Fil has produced some of the most spine-tingling sounds all season.
A: Yeah Wozzeck!
A: I listened to about half the b-cast
J: yeah I mean....the man's resonance is very bit as full in his uppermost registers as it is on like a middle C
J: and like does it all on one breath.
A: right. That part isn't so much up for discussion. It is just awesome.
A: methinks
J: Anything that actually entices me to see L'Elisir d'Amore has got to be pretty damn awesome. Because talk about an exercise in mediocrity...
J: Anyway. Wozzeck!


Princess Alpenrose said...

"Netrebazon" ha ha!

Maury D'annato said...

It's actually a minor drag not to get what the fuss is about. Helas. Anyway I think Nikki the trrillmeister is in my camp. Maybe it was an off night. Maybe some other season I'll be nutty for noti.