Friday, January 06, 2006

If loving you is Rong, I don't wanna be right

A: how about that "Tristan & Isolde" movie???
J: I mean
J: at least they are hot
A: it would be sweet if there was like an electric guitar version of the Liebestod
A: during the gratuitous sex
J: or perhaps sung by Peabo Bryson and Linda Ronstadt
A: hahaha
A: "What is this and, in Ronstandt and Bryson? Is not Ronstandt Bryson, and Brsyon Ronstandt? Eternal Love...joyous Death!!!!"
J: or perhaps Aaron Neville can make a comeback
J: I don't kno-oh-oh-ow mu-uh-ch, but I know Iso-oh-oh-lde
A: you didn't see any Tristan videos, right?
J: no
J: hast du einen?
A: I've seen one, but despite being both Birgit Nilsson and Jon Vickers, it is shitty
J: huh
J: I hope my package of goods arrives tomorrow
J: if not, I packed a few
A: cool
A: I returned Ariadne auf Noir
J: bummer
J: that's ok
A: I was pretty into that Walkure tho
A: Siegmund is this guy called Gary Lakes who isn't so great
J: the met one?
A: yeah
A: la Norman is very exciting, however
A: and James Morris does a nice job
J: yeah I don't remember what Ring videos I took. Oh, I can look at my post
A: and even though Hildegard Behrens has a cowgirl costume on, she is good
J: hah
A: seriously
J: Even Hildegard Gets the Blues
A: haha
J: oh I guess I didn't take a full ring set
J: maybe there wasn't one
J: I mean video-wise
J: CD-wise I scored big on the Rong front
J: er Ring
A: Rong dos Nobelongen
A: we have to acquire this Norma with Montserrat Caballe
A: it is from the same theatre the shitty Tristan I saw was
A: but seriously, its supposed to be the best opera on video ever
J: wow
A: check the amazon reviews
A: "silken ladder to God"
A: "one of the best things I have seen or heard"
J: jesus
J: we need this
A: that opera is freaking awesome


Anonymous said...

Get the Orange Norma. It's freakin' great. Monserrat sings against a windstorm and wins.

Lisa Hirsch said...

I want to see that one.

For T&I, the excerpts with Vickers and Knie on VAI are _quite_ good.