Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Please GOP? Just this once?

A: I do hope John Boehner gets Delay's job
J: so we can say things like "the Boehner problem"
A: indeed
A: the bill would have passed, but for the small Boehner issue
A: It was thought there would be trouble getting in, considering the Delay, but Boehner turned out to be unyielding--and pretty slick, too
J: hahah
J: How's next week look? Well it's really really tight, but I won't be satisfied until we cram Boehner in there as early as possible.
A: hahaha
A: "corrupt Boehner"
J: "Democrats plan to lick Boehner in '08"
A: Republicans: "What else is new?"
J: Democrats: "They know not what they are missing"
A: haha
A: Boehner Urges Further Stimulus Measures
J: haha
J: Under Pressure from Rice, Boehner Explodes on House Floor
A: hahaha
A: its a g-d shame we don't have any influence over the Republican party
A: god forbid they go with "Roy Blunt"
A: lame!!

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Anonymous said...

very funny boys.