Friday, January 20, 2006

Not Opera

But so awesome. Here's me, J, and a raft of other people singing in the finale (mp3) to Symphony Space's Wall-to-Wall Sondheim festival last March--arguably the most kick ass night of 2005. After this, the master himself came out on stage, and a packed-to-the-gills room of successful New York theatre nerds professionals were reduced to shrieking uncontrollably like 13 year old girls at a backstreet boys concert.


Alex Ross said...

I can't believe you're wasting your time with such popular piffle!


Jonathan said...

Seriously though. Was sort of the best night ever. I almost went into an Angela Lansbury induced Coma.

Anonymous said...

J - You should have joined me in that coma! It was better than a crack induced high - surely this was what crack heads feel. Ssssssooooo cool that you were in the chorus. It was an orgasmic day. Oh God.