Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Devil in Ms. Valery

J: Netrebazonko gala was tonight
J: did you get a computer?
A: not yet
A: how was it?
J: the Mexicano had some cracking
J: but also sounded awesome for most of it
A: cracking...jeez
J: and Trebs sounded and looked way hot
J: yeah I don't know what that was about
J: they camped it up a bit, which was awesome
A: was it packed?
J: like, in the Saint Sulpice scene she grabbed him and started makng out like crazy
A: !
J: it was crazy packed
A: maybe they need to make an opera-porno
J: that would be awesome
J: Man-in
A: Rigol-anal-o
J: hah
A: La Traviata (with fucking)
J: haha
J: La Boheme and Rolando Villazon's Cock
A: now in HD
J: on another note
J: the Met's Tristan looks awesome
A: oh neat
J: here is a picture of Jane Eaglen realizing what her voice sounds like
A: hah
A: "crud"
J: haha
A: PS...
A: great moment in the laundromat the other day
J: yes?
A: "And I'm telling you"
A: came on the radio
J: uh uh
A: and this woman behind me responds "Mmm. Take it."
J: ahhhh!!
A: Lotsa love for Jennifer Hudson down here on the South Side
J: natch


Anonymous said...

Last time around the Met's Tristan struck me as if it were trying to be Wieland Wagner, but just wasn't that cool. Some things work, but oh man is the set for the opening of Act III dumb and some of the sudden lighting changes are risible.

(souf' side represent!)

Alex said...

Well that sounds less promising. I feel it would be kind of fun if for the next new Tristan they went against the grain and did a full blown period take, perhaps with a Life Aquatic style medieval ship cross section...and sails ON-STAGE.

Will said...

That's my boy Massenet--healthy doses of repentence, sex and religion in equal measure, stir in the hottest male and female stars available and watch it fizz.

If you two really have conversations like that I'm jealous! I adore emy husband but he's NOT an opera-lover.

Lisa Hirsch said...

If the Seattle "Tristan" ever gets staged again, you must catch it. The ship doesn't sail on stage, but oh boy. And Act II is just awesome.

Alex said...

Huh. Just realized that I totally wrote "Ms." by instinct, even tho Violetta and the Jones of the reference are both decidedly "Miss". I am a really good feminist.