Thursday, February 14, 2008

Chicago housekeeping

Two pieces of news that are probably old hat to many, but bear repeating:

1) Institution Marc Geelhoed (by internets standards, mind you--he's our age) is going on to what sounds like a very sweet new job at the CSO's record label. His Deceptively Simple blog, (which he keeps abbreviating as DecSimp, tho I think that sounds like the diminutive the tabloids would make up for a hypothetical goth-influenced youngest Simpson sibling who named herself Decaysia, i.e. Jessica to DecSimp: Don't steal my boyfriend!) will thankfully stay around, but will exchange the torturous reports of all the cool things music critics get to go to but you don't for other interesting content. Cheers, Marc!

2) Andrew Patner, reviewer about town and major contributor to WFMT's awesomeness through his show Critical Thinking, started a blog last month, which both consolidates his commentary from various sources and includes fresh stuff. Patner is the real deal where great newspaper music criticism is concerned...just check his Sun-Times review of the recent Ainadanamar (sp?) concert here for a taste.


Anonymous said...

I'm blushing. Thanks!

Will said...

We had Ainadamar here in Boston in a staged production that created a strong buzz and went down very well with the audience. Upshaw was quite wonderful.

I couldn't for the life of me get my head around director Peter Sellars' take on Lorca facing execution. I simply do not see him groveling on the ground, weeping and moaning in fear. I've mentioned this to some other people who didn't get it, either.

Alex said...

Would that I could help you with that, but since Dr. Atomic me and Sellars are not really speaking. Does sound like a misstep...

Will said...

I've got a decade or two on you, Alex. Mr. Sellars and I have had lengthy periods of strained communication during his career. It's a consistency of concept thing more than a basic aesthetic problem, and it can be infuriating when it kicks in during a performance.

Alex said...

Inconsistency of concept sounds right...I guess I wouldn't have changed the fundamental look or feel of Dr. Atomic--it just muddied itself so terribly with lots of intrusive gestures and sloppy solutions to the more complicated problems. Has it always been like that or is that just a tic of his later years?

Unknown said...

Thanks, Alex. I'd send an email...but since I don't see one here will have to get all mushy in public. I appreciate yr. thoughts on the blog and TOC, and will definitely keep the kewl stuff happenin' over on Deceptively Simple (note complete spelling!).

Henry Holland said...

Speaking of Chicago as y'all are, I need some advice. Note: I care about the sound, the visuals not so much.

I'm going to travel to Chicago for the Lyric's Lulu. Is there any seating area in the opera house that I should avoid? I tend to just sit at the back of the balcony, because that's usually a safe bet for good sound in my experience, but every place has quirks (like, in Los Angeles, do not sit under an overhang, it muffles the sound terribly).

Thanks for any advice you can give.

Anonymous said...

Love next years LOC brochure - The Pearl Fishers - Nathan Gunn plus Eric Cutler equals three visible nipples (Eric's right one remains covered.)

Will said...

Nathan's iconic torso aside, Chicago has a very pretty production. It starts during the overture as a couple of guys have a hash- or opium-induced dream of the orient and then proceeds into the opera itself.

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