Monday, February 23, 2009


Well, it appears the Indians edged out the gays at the Oscars last night, but Sean Penn getting Best Actor and Dustin Lance Black getting original screenplay were both pretty good consolation prizes. And these things needed to be said, at the Oscars, in recognition of this remarkable movie, in this trying year:

If you haven't seen it, can you PLEASE go see it now? I know you are thinking that it is a tedious political biopic that you already agree with, but it is really so much better than that. It is one of the few movies about a political figure I have seen that manages to totally avoid dumbing down the subject material and turning it into a historical "Behind the Music" episode. The drama in Milk is the drama of the ideas and emotional themes of the time. Also, it is beautifully made and filled with fascinating period details. Go!

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Will said...

I admired Penn for what he said and how he said it, but Dustin Lance Black
got me all teary-eyed with his beautiful message to gay and lesbian youth. If ONLY there had been someone to say that or ANYTHING in support when I was a kid growing up! At least I have lived long enough to see it happen on national television now.