Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Le Sacre du Sonnambula

J: you really missed quite a scene at the Met tonight
A: yeah?
A: do tell
J: well the new Sonnambula opened with Dessay and Florez
J: and Mary Zimmerman directed it
J: and the whole production was basically mocking how retarded Sonnambula is
A: heh
J: and it was cute and fun
J: and hilarious at the end
J: and Sonnambula is not a comedy
J: so anyway
A: way to redeem yourself MZ
J: the traditionalists in the audience were NONE too pleased
J: and this shit was seriously boo'd
A: whoa
J: like major major boo-age
J: the curtain call ground to a halt
A: hardcore
A: !
J: like, no one took a second bow
J: and it was like a huge Dessay/Florez thing and they were way awesome and everyone was nuts for them
A: damn
A: who knew people were willing to go out on a limb for frreakin' sonnambula
J: so after the curtain call abruptly ended
A: jes
J: well
J: there were these 40ish gays next to us
J: who turned around and sassed the crabby old Long Island people boo-ing behind us
J: this was balcony btw
J: and an argument ensued about whether it was OK to boo like that
J: and it got heated and tons of people were weighing in
J: wow
J: and then finally one of the gays goes "oh whatever! pleas just go back to Long Island."
A: !
J: and the crabby old guy
J: goes "yeah? well go back to Greenwich Village...or CHELSEA! WHERE YOU LIVE!!!"
A: oh snap
J: and the gay guy just calmly said "wait...that's supposed to be a bad thing?"
A: heh
A: nice
J: man
J: that was nuts
A: its like the rite of spring premeire but for...sonnambula
J: at the end Dessay just puts on this hilarious like swiss miss dress and starts dancing around like a crazed fool
J: it's so excellent
A: hah!
A: that is good


Lisa Hirsch said...

A friend forwarded Martin Bernheimer's review to me, so your account is ESPECIALLY entertaining!!!

Anonymous said...

I love these insults!

To Mary Zimmerman: "Go back to that postmodernist class in grad school, or wherever you live."

To Natalie Dessay: "Go back to France with your Eurotrash regie-style productions, or wherever you live."

To Juan Diego Florez: "Go back to my apartment, where I can remove those lederhosen and spend the rest of my life with you - anywhere - New York, Peru, wherever you live."

Gavin Plumley said...

Oooh the conservative New Yorker... ain't nothing like it! So rare that we get a boo at Covent Garden; I kinda miss them. They don't boo anything on the continent any more, apart from Zeffirelli (especially if it includes live animals).

Maury D'annato said...

Wait, go back go France, really? Wellsungs, I hate to tell you, but it looks like Larry the Cable Guy is secretly an opera fan and trolling your blog.

Will said...

Loved the dialog between teh gays and the suburbanites. I think that America's aversion to booing is misplaced. Whatever one might think about that production pro or con, the audience showed some passion for a change and I think that's a good thing (I'm a veteran of the Zambello Lucia and Vick Trovatore opening nights).

Gavin--I'm thoroughly sick of Zef and his bloated, narcissistic, utterly meaningless spectacles.