Monday, May 08, 2006

The Boy in the Bubble

J: oh wait
J: tomorrow is the Voigt Tosca
A: right
J: I think I just made Diet Sprite®
J: I had some seltzer
J: and I squeezed in a lemon wedge
J: and a packet of Sweet & Low™
J: and it tastes like delicious Sprite®
A: huh
A: maybe that is their secret
J: maybe
J: mine is a little better
J: I forgot about DVoigTosca tomorrow--are you still down?
A: yep
J: it is 7:30
A: kel
A: +w
J: hah
J: sweet, it'll be out by 10:30
A: oh nice
A: it looks my dry cleaner is making good progress
A: they got a lot done this weekend
J: hah excellent
A: have you delved into the new acquisitions?
J: not really
J: some of the Onegin
J: which is great
J: and the Sarka is beautiful
A: oh cool
A: I got out a birgit nilsson elektra video the other day
J: oh hot
J: who else is on it?
A: Rysanek
J: whoa
A: met 1980
A: w/ Jimmy
J: who is the Klytemsentra?
A: Nilsson is Elektra
A: I don't know from Elektra, tho
J: so tomorrow I work for new people in a new office
A: oh right
A: crazy!
J: right?
A: how are you feeling about that?
J: good
J: I feel like I may drink a whole bottle of wine before the night is over
J: ugh--ABC news is up at David Blaine
A: did they say when he's going to be out of there?
J: seriously though, I hope D. Blaine has some brain damage or something so we never have to watch him and his retard fans again. Though it will give us something to do during the Tosca intermission
A: tomorrow is the potential drowning?
J: yes
A: what are they going to do with all that nasty water afterwards? Let it drain into the fountain??

J: ew


Maury D'annato said...

I think Mignon Dunn is the Klytamnestra. It's a fun video--everybody's a bit over the hill and a lot over the top.

Jonathan said...

"a bit over the hill and a lot over the top". Someday, that is going to be the secondary title of my autobiographical cabaret act.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Yes, it's Dunn - boy, I thought I'd posted that yesterday. I guess I didn't. "A bit over the hill and a lot over the top" is funny, but my recollection, admittedly about seven or eight years old, is that only Nilsson is really showing her age and that's mostly in how out-of-tune she is. Rysanek and Dunn are both stupendous.