Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Jenufa not-Live Blogging

A: Steva is such an asshole
J: dude
J: that whole family is trouble
A: everyone sounds so freaking good in this
A: uh oh
A: someone's bout to get themselves cut
J: which are you watching/listening to?
A: Glyndebourne
J: the vid?
J: oh hot
J: it is so awesome
J: maybe I will put it on too
J: when it comes time for act two tell me....and I will start it at the exact same time
A: ok
A: get ready
J: I am ready
J: finger on button
A: go
J: ok shot of cross
J: and jesus
A: check
J: lone candle
J: are we sort of in synch?
A: yes
A: Silja's makeup is so creepy
J: seriously
J: Bert Alexander is so great
A: for reals
A: is that really great extended aria coming now?
J: I think it is after Kostelbitchka goes to off the baby

A: weak!
A: good headline here
J: haha
A: this opera is tha bomb

A: Silj-tastic
J: it is so awesome
J: I mean her voice is insane
J: but like
J: she is oddly wonderful
J: and this scene is so amazing
J: and now is the amazing beautiful aria
A: being in a little theater with her and having her do that must be NUTS
J: I love that violin line
J: oh man I can't wait for all the Jenufa action in the coming year
A: it's like Jenufapalooza
J: it so is
J: Glimmerglass
J: Met
J: Washington DC
J: sweet
J: Mattila is going to be amazing doing this scene
A: oh yeah!
A: she going to freak out
A: *chills*
J: oh I am so happy you are watching this
A: it's just so great

A: I mean, the Kostelnitscka isn't totally evil
J: I mean
J: she drowns a baby in the freezing river
A: right
A: ok
A: but context
J: I suppose there is some greater good in mind
J: as opposed to the Kabanicha
A: I bet some Slavic language has a word for an 'OK baby drowning'

A: fo
A: shizzle
J: seriously
J: ok, the exciting conclusion
A: It would be cool if the Kostelnicka started biting people in the Third act
J: haha
J: that is a wonderful idea
J: or started snarfing baby parts
A: in the corner...she has a little big she keeps digging into
J: ew
A: wait
A: why is she dressed like a widow?
J: because the baby died
A: huh
J: but everyone thinks she is just being plain, because only the boys and the Kostelbitch know she even had a baby
J: I love this Laca
A: It's nice we don't have those mandatory clothing issues anymore
J: indeed
J: he has a line coming up I love
A: it is basically like wearing a button that's all "Ask me about my baby that died"

J: yay
A: who the f are you
J: she is the mayor's daughter
J: Steva's fiance
A: right
A: that is good "this character is a drip" music
J: but like, have you ever heard of knocking, mayor daughter?
J: "My stepmom drowned Stevusko and all I got was this lousy black frock"
A: ha
J: oh man
J: she is awful

A: ha
A: good one Jenufa
J: which "See Steva you have found true love?"
A: yeah
J: yeah well he can't stand your voice lady
J: evidently this is really some czech tradition
J: that random village girls show up to dance at weddings
J: I find this all so creepy in context

A: oh fuck
J: shit hits fan
A: *more chills*

A: wow
A: now that is some opera
J: I am one minute behind
J: because of a technical difficulty
J: it is def in my top 5
A: hearing the Met Orchestra playing that live is going to be very, very kick-ass
J: that is serious shit
J: god damn!
J: it gets me every time!
J: I want the entirety of Jenufa to be performed at my funeral
A: noted
A: since Anna Silja will probably still be an option when that happens, do you want us to shoot for her or someone else?
J: well I was thinking her or Judy
A: haha


Lisa Hirsch said...

Judy = Forst?

I saw Patricia Racette, with the...ah...really odd Kathryn Harries as the K. Cried when the townspeople didn't kill Jenufa; I was sure she'd die. (Right, I hadn't read the libretto or synopsis, had never seen it before.)

Jonathan said...

How was Patricia R? She is doing it in DC next year and I figred I'd pop down for that.

Grrg said...

You can add London to your Jenufapalooza -- ENO's doing it in October -- although it's the same production as Washington, directed by the usually-execrable David Alden. Or is it Christopher we hate? I can never keep 'em straight. So to speak.

Jonathan said...

Huh. This is some serious Jenufa-doing. I don't really want to hear Jenufa in English.

Maury D'annato said...

I forget, is Malfitano doing it in DC as she apparently is in London? That should be, well...much like Silja. In Regina in Chicago three years or so ago, her high notes were an act of desparation, but she's a swell actress.

Jonathan said...

It IS Malfitano, with Pat R.